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Welcome to my Blog Coaching Services and Consultancy page! I am now super excited to announce I am offering coaching and consultancy services for bloggers and businesses that want to improve their blog.


I’ve worked in the digital marketing industry for several years now, and there is nothing I enjoy more than helping others achieve their dream of working for themselves and making passive income.

I’ve worked in various roles throughout my career. I graduated with a Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism with a minor in Media Studies from Massey University in New Zealand.

I pursued a career as a reporter (winning awards for my writing), working my way up to an Assistant Editor position before launching my own publication- an online equestrian website and magazine. I sold this business when I went travelling, but prior to that I also worked in the communications field.

During my travels in Canada and Scotland, I worked full time as a content creator and travel blogger. This work gave me the opportunity to work from absolutely anywhere and this flexible lifestyle meant that I could plan my work around my main love- travel!

I have also worked as a International Travel Agent and a Digital Marketing Manager for a tourism group- so as you can see, travel is my passion and I love it inside out!

Starting a profitable travel blog is no easy feat. It cost me a lot of money and it took me many years of research followed by trial and error to get to a point where I could say BUH-BYE to my full time job and become a full time blogger.

Let me help you get to this point too.

I coach bloggers of all levels- from complete newbies to bloggers who already do this full time. I offer a range of affordable services, these include:

+ Private business blogging coaching sessions

+ Group coaching sessions

+ Website analysis

+ SEO training

+ SEO consultation and assessments

+ Bespoke packages 

I do the majority of my coaching online, so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world- I’m here to help!

Email me for pricing.

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