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In December 2020, the Haggis and I caught the ferry to the South Island and spent two days exploring the north region of Marlborough. We road tripped around the dramatic coastline, went on a short hike to see the best views of Mahau Sound, and spent a night in the most blissful bothy on the banks of the Wakamarina River.

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It wasn’t until I moved to Scotland that I became interested in bird watching or ‘birding’. I love hiking in Scotland, and so it’s only natural that I became curious about the wildlife around me. Because I’m from New Zealand, the birds of Scotland seemed so foreign to me, and I developed a desire to …

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If you’re looking for places to visit in Scotland off the beaten path, you’re about to discover some of the best hidden gems that no one knows about. I’ve been living in Scotland for six years now and I feel it is my duty to encourage travellers to get off the tourist track that has …

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The Scottish National Trail is the grandfather of long-distance hikes in Scotland; it combines many existing trails, linking them to form one massive hike that runs the length of Scotland. In 2018 I was the first solo female to complete the trail in one go. I wrote this hiking guide to help anyone planning to hike the Scottish National Trail, including answers to the most frequently asked questions, descriptions of each section, advice on what to pack, and other helpful information.

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