A Quick Guide to the Christmas Markets in Scotland

christmas markets in scotland

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I love the Christmas Markets in Scotland every year. Did you know that Christmas was banned in Scotland for over 400 years? It was outlawed in 1640 by the Parliament of Scotland, and only became a public holiday in 1958!

When it comes to Christmas now, Scotland certainly makes up for lost time. Each year Christmas markets pop-up throughout the country, and Scots cross their fingers for a white [rather than grey] Christmas.

In 2019, I explored two of Scotland’s most famous Christmas Markets: the Edinburgh Christmas Market and one in Glasgow’s George Square. This is my inside glimpse into each of these markets, what you can expect, and how best to plan your trip!

Christmas Markets in Scotland

Edinburgh Christmas Market

One of the biggest Christmas Markets in Scotland is the Edinburgh Christmas Market. For 6 weeks across November to January it takes over Princes Street Gardens in the city centre.

Princes Street Gardens is the perfect location for Christmas celebrations- encased by Edinburgh’s grandiose buildings and situated right next to the Edinburgh Waverly train station.

A Quick Guide to the Christmas Markets in Scotland
I love the Christmas Markets in Scotland!

Entry is free but be prepared to spend some pennies as it’s pricey inside [but worth the experience]. It can be chaotic- so prepare the brave the crowds and guard your Glühwein from spilling! There are over 15 Christmas themed rides for adults and children, and speaking of children, you can take them to the Santa land section where there are games and a pretty cool Christmas tree maze.

The Haggis and I wandered around the stalls, drank Glühwein and mulled cider, and snacked on crêpes [kinder and cream- oh MY!]

A Quick Guide to the Christmas Markets in Scotland
Drinking Glühwein at the Edinburgh Christmas Market

My favourite time to visit the Edinburgh Christmas Market is when it’s dark- I’m a tad obsessed with Christmas and fairy lights [it’s the romantic in me] so make sure you go when everything is lit up!

The Edinburgh Christmas Market is open until around a few days after Hogmanay, so hurry along if you’re kicking about in Edinburgh.

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Glasgow Christmas Market

The Glasgow Christmas Market in George Square isn’t as huge as the Edinburgh Christmas Market, but it’s SO pretty and a lot less overwhelming.

Glasgow actually has two Christmas Markets- the other is in St Enoch Square. ⁠I definitely recommend checking out both of these Christmas Markets- and there are plenty of fun pubs around if you want to make a night of it on the toon.

A Quick Guide to the Christmas Markets in Scotland

Here are my tips and things to try at the Glasgow Christmas Market.

  • It’s open until 29 Dec so hurry along, so make sure you visit before it closes
  • Rediscover your inner child and ride the carousel- it’s only £3!
  • Try Buckfast Mulled Wine (isn’t this the most Glasgow thing you’ve ever heard of?!)
  • Get your photo taken in the gigantic lit up Christmas bauble
  • Slide down the vintage Helter Skelter
  • Buy a decoration for your Christmas Tree
  • Warm yourself up with a traditional Glühwein or a beer in one of the pop-up pubs
A Quick Guide to the Christmas Markets in Scotland
Loving the merry go round!

What are your favourite Christmas Markets in Scotland?

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