Edinburgh to St Abbs: How to Plan Your Perfect Day Trip

edinburgh to st abbs day trip

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Attention Avengers fans! Did you know that they filmed scenes for Avengers: Endgame in a wee fishing village in Scotland, called St Abbs?

Myself and the Scotsman decided to go on an adventure to visit New Asgard (aka St Abbs) where they filmed the hilarious Thor scene (if you’ve seen the film, you’ll know what I’m talking about!).

Edinburgh to St Abbs: How to Plan Your Perfect Day Trip

They’ve even made a sign when you drive into the fishing village that reads ‘New Asgard’- just brilliant!

It was also more recently the location for Harry Styles video for ‘Adore You’. Check the video out below.

St Abbs makes for a great day trip from Edinburgh. It’s only a 1 hour drive, and you’ll get to see some of Scotland’s stunning coast!

We drove in a loop- from Livingston (just outside of Edinburgh) to St Abbs, and then back via Dunbar and North Berwick.

St Abbs Scotland

To break up the drive, we explored Cove Harbour. To reach it, you have to walk through a hand-hewn tunnel (which was once believed to have been used by smugglers). At low tide you can explore an awesome little cave and the pier! More info on this walk here.

Edinburgh to St Abbs: How to Plan Your Perfect Day Trip
Edinburgh to St Abbs: How to Plan Your Perfect Day Trip
Edinburgh to St Abbs: How to Plan Your Perfect Day Trip

We stopped at The Old Clubhouse for lunch and had the best fish and chips I’ve tasted in Scotland so far (go there- you’ll have zero regrets!).

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Fish and chips at the Old Clubhouse in Gullane

Seriously- the best fish and chips in Scotland!

So overall, I had a great weekend discovering this hidden gem just outside of Edinburgh.

What are your tips for visiting St Abbs?

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