Exploring the grounds at the House of The Binns

house of the binns in linlithgow, west lothian

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The Haggis and I were looking for new places to explore close to where we live in West Lothian, so we decided to explore the grounds at the House of The Binns.

The House of the Binns is 17th century mansion set within 200 acres of beautiful parkland.

The house itself is currently closed to the public, however, there is much to see around the grounds, including a tower, peacocks and pleasant walking trails.

We walked the Woodland Trail during our visit in autumn- a lovely, short walk where you encounter a few of the main attractions on the property.

Here is my quick guide on exploring the grounds at the House of the Binns!

Exploring the grounds at the House of The Binns
Exploring the grounds at House of the Binns

History of the House of the Binns

This house has been the home of the Dalyells for over 400 years. It was built by Thomas Dalyell, an Edinburgh merchant, in 1612. He made his fortune at the court of King James VI and I in London.

His son, General Tam Dalyell, was responsible for creating the regiment of the Royal Scots Greys, Scotland’s only cavalry regiment. Folklore has it that the General played cards with the Devil!

He supposedly won a game, and the Devil flung the marble playing table at him in rage. It missed and landed in the pond outside.

200 years later a marble table was found in the pond when it dried up- and it lives inside the house today.

The house is now under the care of the National Trust for Scotland, as long as future generations of the family can still live in the house.

House of the Binns translates to ”house of the hills” as it is built on two hills. There are beautiful views of Blackness Castle, the Firth of Forth, the Forth bridges and Fife from the front lawn.

Exploring the grounds at the House of The Binns
There are views out to Blackness Castle and the Firth of Forth from the front lawn

Things to see and do at the House of the Binns


The House of the Binns is home to a large party of peafowl. You’ll see them wandering freely around the grounds.

When we visited we were surprised to see one admiring the view from the roof of the house!

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Ivy Wall

The House of the Binns is home to an incredibly pretty wall covered in ivy. It looks particularly spectacular in autumn from September to mid-October.

When we visited in mid-October, most of the leaves had fallen to the ground, so make sure you time your visit well if you want to see the autumn foliage.

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Binns Tower

Binns Tower is a folly that sits on the highest point of Binns Hill. It was built in 1826, and was a result of a wager and cost just £29 to build!

It is thought the site it is built on was once a Pictish fort and may have once been a camp or viewing post in Roman times.

What’s a folly?
A folly is an expensive ornamental building with no practical purpose. Essentially, it’s just a way for the rich and elite to flaunt their wealth!

The Smokehouse

When you are at the Tower, look back towards the house and you’ll see a stone fence with an entranceway that is almost hidden from view. When you walk over you’ll discover a path that leads through woodland, and hidden in the trees you’ll find The Smokehouse, a roofless stone structure that was built by General Tam.

On the plaque outside it reads ”[General Tam]…probably came here for a quiet contemplative smoke away from the house and his womenfolk.”

Basically, it’s an early version of a man cave!

Exploring the grounds at the House of The Binns
The Smokehouse

House of Binns Walks

There are two walks at the House of the Binns; the Woodland Walk and the Parkland Trail.

The Woodland Walk [0.6 miles / 1 km] is a short walk that takes you through woodland and farmland. On this walk, you will see past Binns Tower and General Tam’s Smokehouse. It’s an easy 30-minute walk but has some steep and uneven ground.

The Parkland Trail [2 miles / 3 km] is a circuit that goes around the entire property. There are many things to see, including the Errick Burn Wood, the Walled Garden, and the Old Stable Block where the Royal Scots Greys stabled their horses. This walk takes 1.5 hours.

Tips for visiting the grounds at the House of the Binns

If you like exploring hidden gems in Scotland, be sure to add the House of the Binns to your Scotland bucket list. Here are some extra tips for visiting:

  • There is lots of free parking available.
  • The best time to visit the grounds is in early autumn to see the wall of ivy turn bright red. It’s a great subject for photography enthusiasts!
  • Visit in spring to see the snowdrops. The House of the Binns is one of the best places to see snowdrops in West Lothian.
  • Dogs aren’t encouraged on the grounds, however, if you do bring your dog they must be on a lead at all times. There are livestock on the grounds, so do not bring your dog if he/she isn’t well-behaved on a lead around sheep and cattle.
  • While the house isn’t open to the public, the grounds are free to roam. There is a box to make a small donation at the entrance if you so wish.
  • The ground wasn’t particularly boggy when we visited, however, there are some small hills and it’s muddy in parts. Be sure to wear sturdy footwear you don’t mind getting a little dirty!

Have walked around the grounds at the House of the Binns?


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