How To Find The Secret Natural Spring Water In Canmore

How to find the natural spring in Canmore, Alberta

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A friend first told me about this natural spring water in Canmore. He told me the water was “a magical hangover cure.”

I scoffed at him, but this intrigued me, and I asked him to take me to this so-called “magic” water.

When we arrived at the spring, there were several cars parked alongside the road. Locals were carrying as many as several large empty containers into the bush. We parked up, and followed them into the bush carrying just our water bottles.

As we were waiting to fill up, a lady told us a story of how she was hiking a mountain and at the halfway point she had to rest because she was exhausted. She drank a bottle of this miracle water, and then she practically ran the rest of the way up.

I was sold. my scepticism subsided, and I was excited to try this water for myself.

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Is It Safe To Drink?

While many people in Canmore use the spring as their main source of drinking water, there have been a few different comments floating around about the condition of the water.

I contacted Town of Canmore for clarification on the safety of the water and this is what they had to say:

“The spring isn’t monitored or tested by the Town of Canmore, and since it is a spring, it essentially groundwater. As with any water that isn’t tested regularly, there may be risks and people using it should be aware of those risks.”

Because the water isn’t tested we can’t really know what the risks may be, so be careful and buy a water filter or chlorine tablets if you’re unsure.

I can personally say I have drunken the water several times and I’ve been fine.

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The natural spring in Canmore is known to have magical qualities in the water

Where To Find The Natural Spring

The natural spring is located on the corner of 1A and Palliser Trail. The easiest way to get there is when leaving Canmore heading towards Banff. As you drive onto the ramp instead of taking the right exit to Banff, head past it and within 100 metres you will come to the bend in the road which is the 1A/Palliser Trail corner.

You will have to do a U-turn to park on the edge of the road. Follow the trail on the right hand side of the road into the bushes. Follow the trail (which veers right) and you will come across two pipes where you can collect water from.

Did you manage to find the spring? Did it cure your hangover?



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2 thoughts on “How To Find The Secret Natural Spring Water In Canmore”

  1. thank you for this article!

    Do you know if the spring have thawed through yet? (It’s March 2020).
    Where can you water filter or chlorine tablets-are they safe enough to filter the water, it kinda feels counterproductive???

    Thanks so much!

    1. Yvette Webster

      I’m unsure if it has thawed now [might need to speak to the locals] but I always drank it from the spring and didn’t have any issues!

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