How to Spend One Day at the Edinburgh Festivals in August

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Edinburgh Festivals Guide: Five Festivals in 1 Day

Did you know there are five festivals in Edinburgh every August? 

Did you also know it’s possible to see them all in just one day?

In August the population of Edinburgh doubles. It can be overwhelming in Edinburgh if you’re visiting for the first time; I know that when I first moved to Edinburgh it took me some time to get my head around the many festivities. While some dislike the crowds, I love being in the city in August- it is just so alive!

Out of the 11 festivals that happen in Edinburgh every year, five of them occur in August. 

They are: 

  • Edinburgh Art Festival
  • Edinburgh International Festival
  • Edinburgh Festival Fringe
  • Edinburgh International Book Festival
  • The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 

Rather than each festival having its own venue, the events intermingle across the entire city. The main action is in Edinburgh’s Old Town, so you can easily see multiple events across all of the festivals in this one area. These festivals run for three weeks in August, usually around the same time. 

If this is your first time visiting Edinburgh during the festival season, don’t worry- I’ve got your back. I’ve covered the basics in this Edinburgh festivals guide for August, and how you can see them all in one day.

Disclosure: I was invited to spend a day in Edinburgh to experience all of the August festivals by Edinburgh Festivals. This is a sponsored article, however all opinions are entirely my own (as always). If you’d like to know more, read my Privacy Policy. 

edinburgh festivals guide August

Edinburgh Art Festival

I recommend starting your day off by exploring the Edinburgh Art Festival. This festival turns historic spaces and streets in Edinburgh into art displays. For example, in 2019 they turned Parliament House into a gallery- hanging installations from a local Scottish artist in the hall.

This festival is very accessible on foot. I suggest picking three displays in Old Town and taking yourself on a walking tour. Allow yourself between 1.5-2 hours.

Why you should go to this festival: The majority of the Art Festival is free, so if you’re counting your pennies this is a very affordable festival to attend in August!

Edinburgh Art Festival

Edinburgh International Festival

The Edinburgh International Festival was the original Edinburgh festival that began in 1947. This festival selects some of the best music, theatre, opera and dance acts from all over the world.  

Six of Edinburgh’s major theatres play host to the acts, as well as several smaller venues across the city. Aside from exhibitions there are also performances, screenings, artist talks and guided tours.

I recommend buying a ticket to one of the theatre shows or musical events. Allow yourself at least 2 hours and make sure you book your tickets as far in advance as possible for this festival.

Why you should go to this festival: It’s a fantastic opportunity to see some of the best and most original performances in the world in one city.

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Checking out the Edinburgh International Festival

Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe was started by eight performers who were uninvited to the Edinburgh International Festival- so they started their own festival on the fringes of Edinburgh! It’s now considered the biggest festival in Edinburgh during August, and takes over Edinburgh’s Old Town and beyond. Anyone (provided they can find a space) can perform. 

The amount of shows on offer can be overwhelming, so picking up a copy of the Fringe Programme and circling the shows that interest you is a good idea.

I recommend checking out a stand-up comedy show. Some of the world’s best up and coming comedians perform here, and they make up a large percentage of the performers (one third!) at the Fringe.

Also make sure you take a stroll down the Royal Mile to see the many (free) street performers!

I would allow 2-3 hours at the Festival Fringe, depending on how many shows you want to see.

Why you should go to this festival: Just like the art festival, there are plenty of free events at the Fringe. Please note, tipping is expected at the end of these shows.

Exploring the Royal Mile during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Edinburgh International Book Festival

If you’re anything like me and are a tad obsessed with books- you will adore the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Nestled away in Charlotte Square Gardens in New Town, this festival is a quiet escape from the masses on the Royal Mile. It is especially dreamy when lit up at night! 

Head long to the pop-up bar for an evening of live poetry, then explore the thousands of books for sale in the giant tent. This festival is a great way to relax before heading to the bright lights and booming bands at the Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo.

Why you should go to this festival: It offers over 800 events featuring the world’s greatest writers and thinkers, from new hit writers on the scene to Nobel Prize-winners.

The book tent at the Edinburgh International Book Festival

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo is one of the greatest shows that you can see in Scotland- and the world. Often a sellout, the Military Tattoo is a showcase of music, dance and precision from musicians and performers from around the world who perform against the magnificent backdrop of Edinburgh Castle.


The term ‘’tattoo’’ originated from the Dutch phrase doe den tap toe, which means ‘’turn off the tap.’’ Drummers or trumpeters would play a tune to instruct innkeepers near military garrisons to stop serving alcohol so soldiers would return to their barracks. 

The Military Tattoo is a fantastic way to end your day at the Edinburgh festivals. The Tattoo begins at 9pm each night, with two shows each Saturday. Each performance commences with a display of fireworks over Edinburgh Castle. It is truly an event you cannot miss if you’re visiting Scotland during August!

Why you should go to this festival: Offering both a glimpse into past and present, the Tattoo is a world-class performance of international acts, rooted in Scottish tradition.

The Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo


Tickets for the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo go on sale each December, around eight months in advance before the actual show. The tickets all have different prices, and it’s not uncommon to see all the cheap seats disappear months before the event. My advice is to buy your tickets as early as possible, however if you’ve left it too late you can still pick up discounted tickets in July and August. There is a practice night the Thursday before the Tattoo officially begins, and half-price tickets for this go on sale around 10 days in advance. 

Another tip I have is to go to the Tattoo office at the bottom of Cockburn Street as soon as they open. Occasionally you can pick up cheaper tickets here as they hold back some tickets to sell on the day. Sometimes people who have purchased tickets but can’t make the show will re-sell them here too!

Visiting outside of August?

Are you visiting Edinburgh another time? There are six other festivals that happen throughout the year:

Edinburgh Science Festival – April

Edinburgh International Children’s Festival – May

Edinburgh International Film Festival – June

Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival – July

Scottish International Storytelling Festival – October

Edinburgh’s Hogmanay – December/January

Lead piper at the Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo


The five Edinburgh festivals in August offer a diverse palette of the arts, Scottish culture and fun. There really is something for everyone, and each of these festivals offer plenty of new experiences. I feel everyone should experience the festivals in Edinburgh- and visiting in August allows you to tick off almost half of the festivals on offer in Edinburgh every year.

As for visiting each festival in one day, it’s totally doable. Just make sure you start your day early and allow at least 1.5 hours for each festival.

I recommend going to the Edinburgh Festivals website for programmes and more information on each of the festivals in Edinburgh.

Did you enjoy my one day at the Edinburgh Festivals guide? What festival do you want to go to the most?



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