Privacy Policies can be pretty heavy to get through, so I’ll summerise the main points first here, and go into the legalese a bit further on. You’re welcome!


I take data safety very seriously. I will only use your data to improve your user experience on this website. 


This website uses cookies to offer you a more personalised experience whilst browsing my website. By this, I don’t mean I will bake you actual cookies and drop them down your chimney for you to enjoy whilst on my website. So, I just wanted to clarify this to avoid any disappointment.   

I use cookies to track analytics and to personalise ads. Cookie data is shared with Ezoic (my advertising company). Don’t worry- they’re legit!

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I will also never sell any personal data. Pinky swear.


My website contains affiliate links to products and services that I know and love. If you decide to purchase using an affiliate link on my website, I get a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.

I will only ever recommend you products I have purchased personally or products I’ve done a ton of research on and plan on purchasing.

I also recommend accommodation, tours and activities and many other travel services throughout my blog and the same goes here. I will always disclose this near the top of the web page, and I won’t recommend you purchase anything that I wouldn’t recommend to my mum. 

I am a professional travel blogger. I don’t tend to accept freebies these days (except, you know, if Apple wanted to gift me a new desktop I’d totally be down with that) but if a business gifts me anything, I will always disclose this. 

If I am paid by a business to write a review or provide social media coverage about their business, I will always disclose this.

I only work with businesses that are in line with my morals and values. I want to have incredible travel experiences, but I care about people, animals and the environment. I wil never promote a business, service or product that isn’t ethical.

I will never promote animal or wildlife tourism unless I have done my research and these businesses are enhancing the lives of animals.

If I am unsatisfied with a business or service, I do NOT recommend them. Even if they pay me a gazillion dollars, I won’t bullshit you.

To summerise: I’ll always be honest with you, recommend products and services I use and love, and only work with eco-concious busineses that echo my ethos. 


At wayfaringkiwi.com (“Website”) I use a third party technology called Ezoic.

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