Do you live far away from Scotland and yearn to be closer? Do you feel a deep connection with Scotland, that you can’t really explain? Or do you live in the UK and would like to discover Scotland’s hidden gems? 


Scotland Club is a monthly membership for Scotland lovers. I created Scotland Club to unite Scotland lovers from around the world, bring you exclusive content from my travels, and send you a wee piece of Scotland each month! 

I know the world is pretty crazy at the moment (thanks Covid19!) and you may have had to cancel or postpone your travel plans- but that doesn’t mean you can’t have more Scotland in your life.

Right now we’re looking for Founding Members of Scotland Club. You will be a member right from the beginning, and help me to shape the future of Scotland Club. As a Founding Member you also get some amazing discounts and bonuses! 

If you join as a Founding Member you will receive 50% off the Standard Membership, and 20% off the Scotland Care Package membership! You will also get a bundle of bonus content when you join.

or find out more below

become a founding member

You might be thinking ‘What’s a Founding Member and why is it so special?’
Scotland Club is in it’s infancy, and right now I have a million ideas on how to make it the best Scotland community ever. 

I'm relying on the Founding Members to help me shape the future of Scotland Club.

As a way of saying thanks, if you join as a Founding Member you receive 50% off the Standard Membership and 20% off the Scotland Care Package Membership. When I put the price up in a couple of months, you will lock-in the price you joined up with for as long as you remain a member!

When you join as a Founding Member you get:

> An amazing discount
> A say in the future of Scotland Club
> An exclusive ‘mini bundle’ with a blog post, and 2x short videos
> To be part of Scotland Club from the very beginning!

Here's what you'll get access to when you join:

Tier 1: Standard Membership


Each month I will write a bonus Scotland travel guide or story about Scotland. These writings will be more personal and help you see Scotland through the eyes of a local. You'll also decide on the topic!


Each month you'll get a bonus episode of our podcast Life in Scotland where the Haggis and I talk about local life and travel in Scotland. You will also get to vote on the topic that we talk about.


Every month you'll get a new episode of my Scotland travel show. Each episode is 20-30 minutes long and will give you an inside glimpse into a different area in Scotland, the history and things to do there!


You'll get access to our private Facebook community where you'll build amazing friendships, get answers to your Scotland travel questions and have a good blether with other Scotland lovers!


Your opinions and ideas are super important to me, so you get a say on what content I create! Each month you can vote in polls that decide where I go in Scotland and what I get up to!


On the last Wednesday of every month I do a live Q&A where I talk about my travels in Scotland that month and answer any burning questions you may have. Pour a dram and let's chat Scotland!

Tier 2: Scotland Care Package Membership

bonus content

With the Scotland Care Package Membership you get EVERYTHING in the Standard Membership above! To recap, each month you'll get a blog post, podcast episode, video, voting rights, access to our private community and the Live Q&A's!

monthly postcard

Each month I'll send you a Scotland postcard featuring an image of the destination I visited that month! It will also contain a handwritten message with a story about my travels. I may even get a true Scotsman to sign it too...

scotland goodies

You will receive a care package valued over $50 filled with Scotland goodies made by local Scottish creatives and independent businesses! All items are unique and made with love, and only found in Scotland! Shipping is additional.

hey, i'm yvette

If we haven’t met properly, then hello!

I’m Yvette Webster, and I travel Scotland for a living! I own the travel blog Wayfaring Kiwi and I also run a Scotland travel blog called Kiwi and Haggis with my husband. 

When I started researching my family history, I developed strong connection with Scotland. As I read and learned about the history of Scotland, I started yearning for a home I had never visited before. It took me one failed attempt and 7 years before I made my dream of visiting Scotland a reality. I remember the tears welling in my eyes as Edinburgh’s shoreline came into view from my plane, and as soon as I stepped onto Scottish soil I felt like I was home.

When I visited my clan’s castle, Achnacarry, for the first time, I felt every worry slip away. I listened to the stories of my ancestors, and even got to see the flag my clan carried into the Battle of Culloden! This experience was life changing for me, and I vowed to return to Scotland.

Two years later I moved to Scotland, met my husband, and now I travel and write about Scotland for a living!

I know how much it must suck if you’ve had to put your Scotland dreams on hold- this was me once too. This is why I created Scotland Club- I understand what it’s like to be far away from a country that is calling you home. It’s my mission to bring you closer to Scotland!

The Bonuses

The first 10 members to join will receive a free copy of my Ultimate Scotland Travel Planner, a 60 page printable valued at $15!

scotland planner graphic

All Founding Members will also get these bonuses...

> Blog post: ”The Real Story of How I Met The Haggis”
> Short video: ”Wild Camping in the Scottish Borders”
> Short video: ”The 2019 Edinburgh Military Tattoo”
> A bonus item in your first Scotland Care Package [for those that subscribe to this tier]

Scotland Club is for you if...

You have a connection with Scotland you can’t explain, and want to connect with other Scotland lovers too!

Your travel plans have been cancelled or postponed, but you still want to experience Scotland from your couch.

You’d love a care package filled with Scotland goodies to arrive on your doorstep each month!

You already live in Scotland or nearby, and you’re looking for travel inspiration.


Tier 1: Standard Membership


Each month you receive a monthly bundle of content including a blog post, podcast episode & video about Scotland.


Meet other Scotland lovers, make lifelong friends and get exclusive content in our Facebook group for members.


Join me each month for a live Q&A where I’ll chat about my monthly travels and answer any questions you have!


You have the power the vote on where I go in Scotland & what I do. You decide on the content I create!


Tier 2: Scotland Care Package Membership

You’ll receive everything in the Standard Membership PLUS…


Every month I’ll send you a postcard from a different destination in Scotland with a wee message!


Each month you’ll receive a care package from Scotland featuring unique gifts from Scottish creatives!

+ VAT and shipping

Join my amazing Scotland community and connect with other Scotland lovers!


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Scotland Club is an online community and monthly membership for Scotland lovers.

When you join you get access to exclusive members-only Scotland content, and you also have a say in what content I create. You can also subscribe to receive a bunch of Scotland goodies made by local Scottish creatives and small businesses!

Are you living overseas and yearn for Scotland? Or maybe you already live in Scotland and want to discover the hidden gems and pockets of Scotland you haven’t explored yet? Everyone is welcome- the only prerequisite is that you have a passion for Scotland!

There are two membership tiers, Standard and the Scotland Care Packages. Here’s what each includes:

Tier 1 – Standard membership

  • Choose where I travel in Scotland. Each month you can vote on where I go and what I do!
  • Access to my private Facebook community
  • A bonus blog post each month. You vote on the topic!
  • A new episode of my Scotland travel show each month. I’ll be creating a new Scotland video each month, exclusive to my Patreon members! You also get to vote where I go in Scotland and what I do. Weee! This is my favourite bonus!
  • A bonus podcast episode each month. You’ll also get to vote on the topic I talk about!
  • A behind-the-scenes look into my travels around Scotland
  • Monthly live Q&A where I’ll answer your Scotland travel questions

Tier 2 – Scotland Care Package

In Tier 2 you receive everything in Tier 1 PLUS…

  • A postcard from Scotland. Each month I’ll send you a wee hand written note! I’ll even get the Haggis to kiss it for good luck.
  • A care package from Scotland. Each month I’ll send you a wee package filled with Scottish goodies. Gifts will be locally made, which means you’ll be supporting other creatives in Scotland too! Please note shipping is additional and can be paid via PayPal until the offical Scotland Club website is up and running.

Firstly, you get to join at a much lower price and you lock that price in for as long as you stay a member [see pricing below].

Secondly, you get to be a part of Scotland Club from the very beginning, which means you have a big say on the future of the club.

Right now I’ve got ideas flying all over the place. I wanted to get Scotland Club up and running quickly for founding members so I’ve set it up on Patreon, while I work on building a separate website.

I’d love your opinion on the logo, colour scheme, look and feel of the website, any features it should have, and what the Care Packages should contain.

I expect some of the best ideas will come from the Founding Members who will help shape the future of Scotland Club.

If you join as a Founding Member [before September] you will pay $7.99 per month [+ VAT] for the Standard membership or $49 per month [+ VAT and shipping] for the Scotland Care Package membership. Tracked postage is an additional $21.40 USD per month.

This founding member rate of $7.99/ $49 will only be offered at this time AND… you’ll be locked into that founding member price for as long as you chose to remain a member.

If you join after September, the price will go up to $14.99 per month [+ VAT] for the Standard membership or $65 per month [+ VAT and shipping] for the Scotland Care Package membership.

At the moment we do not have an annual option, however this may be possible in a few months when we move Scotland Club from the Patreon platform to our shiny new website!

Because Patreon won’t allow me to add shipping costs, for the next few months I need to charge for shipping seperately.

Shipping costs vary depending on what country you live in.

Once you join I will get in contact with you to arrange payment for shipping.

If you live in the USA, tracked shipping costs £16.38 per care package and you can pay for it here.

I know this is a fiddly process, but once the new website is up and running in October this process will be a lot smoother!

When you join, you will receive the following bonus content:

  • 1 blog post
  • 2 short videos [Wild camping in the Scottish Borders & footage from the 2019 Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Members who subscribe to the Scotland Care Packages will also receive a bonus item in their first package!

Absolutely, but we hope you won’t!

We ship the Scotland Care Packages to the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

If you live somewhere else, we can definitely look into shipping to your country. Just get in touch by emailing [email protected]

See you on the inside!

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