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Scotland Travel Consultation

Scotland Travel Consultation

Let me plan your dream holiday!

Are you planning a trip to Scotland and have no idea where to start? Or perhaps there is so much you want to do and you don’t know how to fit it all in, or you’re worried you may miss something you’d love to see.

Hi, I’m Yvette! I’m a Scotland Travel Expert and it’s my job to help people plan their dream trips to Scotland. My Scotland Zoom Consultations are designed to save you time, money, and a whole lot of overwhelm.

Why you should let me help you plan your dream Scotland trip

  • I am lucky enough to call Scotland my home, and my job as a travel blogger means I travel Scotland on a regular basis. I’ve travelled Scotland extensively by car, train, bus and in 2018 I even hiked the length of Scotland!
  • I previously worked as an International Travel Agent for a global travel agency- so I know plenty of travel hacks and the best places to book tours, accommodation and other excursions!
  • I know SO many places off the beaten path in Scotland that many people don’t realise exist. It’s my goal to get visitors off the beaten track and discover the authentic places in Scotland.
  • I’m passionate about sustainable travel in Scotland.
  • I can review your itinerary and make sure you’re not being overly ambitious or missing out on something important. I can also answer any questions you have about travelling around Scotland.
Catching the ferry from Islay- one of Scotland’s islands

With my travel consultation service, you can pick my brain and ask me anything about your Scotland trip!

What you receive

  • 1-hour Zoom consultation
  • A recording of our consultation
  • A PDF document with information, links and recommended resources
  • My Food + Drink Scotland Planner – my favourite restaurants, pubs, cafes, and nightlife in Scotland!
  • My Whisky Distilleries map – all the whisky distilleries in Scotland that offer tours.

Zoom consultations I offer

👉 EXPRESS Consultation – suitable if you have a list of questions you’d like to ask me or an itinerary you’d like feedback on (please only book this option if you have an itinerary prepared). This option does NOT come with typed notes. £125 for 60 minutes.

👉Standard Consultation – exactly the same as above except your consultation comes with typed notes, links and resources (for example, if you’re travelling by public transport, I will research and provide you with a document including where to book your buses/trains/ferries etc). £175 for 60 minutes.

👉 Create Your Itinerary Consultation – If you’re just getting started and need help creating the perfect itinerary, this option is for you. £225 for 90 minutes.

How does it work?

Once you book your consultation, you will be asked to complete my questionnaire. I will set aside time before our call to review your itinerary (if you have one). We’ll then jump on a Zoom call, where you can ask me absolutely anything about Scotland, and I can give you feedback on your itinerary (if you have one). If you’ve selected the 90-minute consultation, we will spend this time creating your itinerary.

After the call, you will receive a recording of our consultation you can watch back. If you have opted for the Standard or the Create Your Itinerary consultation, I will send you a PDF document of typed notes, helpful links, and your itinerary!

sitting next to my grandfathers grave in scotland
Tracing my ancestry: Sitting next to my 4x great-grandfather’s grave in Scotland
Watching the sunrise on the Isle of Skye


Yvette is such a pleasure to talk to and very knowledgeable about travel around Scotland! I had planned a big trip for my friends and I that needed to be rescheduled because of the pandemic. During my rebooking process I ended up with one odd night that I wasn’t quite sure quite what to do with in terms of where to stop over and Yvette had some great suggestions. She also had loads of good information about route planning, restaurants and other fun off the beaten path type sites. Can’t recommend her enough!

Tara May, USA

I did a Zoom meeting with Yvette yesterday. I was feeling overwhelmed as to planning my trip. She took me through everything I was interested in and built a wonderful itinerary for me. She provided lots of suggestions and is sending everything in an email too! She was very sweet and a delightful to talk with. Our discussion was worth every Penny and so much more!!!!

Shari Barnett, USA

Our Zoom with Yvette was informative, helpful, and fun. She’s given us many suggestions for our May-June trip. She knows the country so well!

Karen Baker, USA

Me when I hiked the length of Scotland

Get in touch

Visiting Blackness Castle in Scotland
Exploring Blackness Castle, near my home

Terms and Conditions

Full payment is required before a 1-to-1 Scotland Travel Consultation takes place. This is non-refundable.

We do not make bookings on your behalf. We will give you recommendations on what tour providers to book with, and we will not be liable for any issues with any bookings you make.

Consultations take place on Zoom. Please ensure you download Zoom before our appointment.

We can meet with multiple Zoom accounts if your travel buddy would like to join in.

Date/time changes must be made at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment.

We will not be held liable for any issues with visas, accommodation, transport, attractions, or any other aspect of your Scotland trip.

Before your consultation, please fill out the questionnaire we send you at least 24 hours before our call. This helps us to prepare for our call together.

I’m happy to answer some follow-up questions via email, but if you have more than two questions, you will need to book another appointment.