Scotland Itinerary Planning & Travel Consultation

Note: Because I am now working full-time, I am currently not taking on any more itinerary clients. The only service I’m able to offer is travel consultation via Zoom. It costs £40 for one hour, email for more info 🙂


Are you planning a trip to Scotland and have no idea where to start? Perhaps there is so much you want to do and you don’t know how to fit it all in, or you’re worried you may miss something you’d love to see.

Let me help you plan the trip of a lifetime to this bonnie wee country!

Why I should plan your itinerary…

+ I am lucky enough to call Scotland my home, and my full-time job as a travel blogger means I travel Scotland on a regular basis. I’ve travelled Scotland extensively by car, train, bus and in 2018 I even hiked the length of Scotland!

+ I previously worked as an International Travel Agent for a global travel agency- so I know plenty of travel hacks and the best places to book tours, accommodation and other excursions!

+ I know SO many places off the beaten path in Scotland that many people don’t realise exist. It’s my goal to get visitors off the beaten track and discover the authentic places in Scotland.

+ I’m passionate about sustainable travel in Scotland, and will plan your itinerary with this in mind. 

+ I can create an itinerary that is completely unique and personal to you, based on your needs and interests.

I currently provide four services: itinerary planning, itinerary reviews, travel research and travel consultation. Read on to discover more about the services I offer!

*Please note I am unable to personally research flights for you. Flight prices vary depending on which country you search from- so prices I find would be different in your country. What I do provide is a cheat sheet on how I personally find and book cheap flights to Scotland and the rest of the world, so you’ll continue to save money on flights whenever you travel!

Scotland itinerary planning and review service
Getting off the beaten path in Scotland


This option is perfect for you if you would like me to plan an itinerary for your entire trip or just a few days. 

I will provide you with a written itinerary that includes personalised recommendations on things to do, restaurants, cafes and local Scottish pubs, and tours that will take your fancy.

I will also provide suggestions of hidden gems in Scotland that many tourists miss when they visit.

Please note research on accommodation is additional [see pricing below].

I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can find out more about your travel style, and from there plan your perfect trip to Scotland.

I’ll also include my cheat sheets, which includes advice on driving in Scotland, using public transport, the best places to book tours, excursions and accommodation, my flight booking process and other helpful Scotland travel advice.

Your journey will be plotted out on a map for you, so you have a visual representation of your trip.


£30 per day
Up to 8 days: £200
Accommodation research: An additional £10 per day


Do you already have an itinerary planned but you’re unsure you’ve got it right? 

I will provide a written review of your itinerary, making personalised suggestions of other things you can see or do, how you can save money on your trip, recommendations on public transport or alternative driving routes, and anything else I think you’ve missed or may enjoy more.

I will also provide suggestions of hidden gems in the areas you plan to travel to.

You’ll also get my Scotland cheat sheets which gives advice on sourcing cheap flights, booking accommodation in Scotland, using public transport, car hire, and driving in Scotland, plus lots of other helpful Scotland travel advice.

Your journey will be plotted out on a map for you, so you have a visual representation of your trip.

*Please note you must provide me with your written itinerary, and it must be at least 80% complete.


£75 for up to 8 days
£10 for each additional day

OPTION #3: travel research

If there is a specific area of Scotland you would like to visit but you’re unsure if it’s worth your time and money – I can go and check this out for you.

Perhaps there is a specific tour you want to do, but you’re unsure if it’s all that good. I can try this out for you and give my feedback.

Do you have ancestry in Scotland you’d like to track down? For example a burial ground where your ancestors are buried, or an old house where they used to live? Maybe you’re unsure how to track these locations down, and rather than waste precious time while you’re in Scotland, you’d prefer to send someone to vet these locations out for you.

I can visit these areas on your behalf and write you a detailed itinerary or review on the attractions or specific areas in Scotland.

I am experienced in reading maps and I’m able to track down locations where there is very little information about on the internet.

I also have a full driving license and a car, so I can get to off-beat areas easily.


Fuel cost + other expenses [attractions, tickets, ferry etc]
£50 half day rate
£100 day rate
Itinerary review/planning – get in touch for pricing

get a quote

Every trip is different, so if you would like a quote for my services drop me an email with your information below!

Be sure to include how many days you will spend in Scotland and how many people are travelling in your party.

OPTION #4: Travel Consultation

Do you just have some questions about your trip to Scotland, and don’t necessarily need an itinerary designed for you?

With my new travel consultation service, you can pick my brain and ask me anything about your Scotland trip!

Here are a few suggestions of things I can give you advice on:

  • Specific questions about your travel plans
  • Advice for travelling Scotland during the pandemic
  • How to save money on booking flights
  • The best places to book your attraction tickets
  • Booking accommodation
  • Public transport in Scotland and hiring a car
  • Destinations in Scotland
  • Hidden gems in Scotland I think you’ll love
  • Places/activities I think you should skip/swap out for something else
  • What to pack for a trip to Scotland
  • Travel advice personalised to your circumstances


£30 – 15 minutes
£50 – 30 minutes
£80 – 60 minutes

Fill in the form below to book in a date and time:


– Full payment is required before I start your itinerary, review or consultation. This is non-refundable.

– While I do check availability for tours and accommodation at the time of researching your itinerary, it is your responsibility to make all of your bookings.

– All accommodation, activities and tours are available at the time of writing [unless otherwise stated]. If you’re interested in booking any of these, I recommend doing it as soon as possible so you don’t miss out.

– I search various accommodation websites to find the cheapest rates, however prices often change. When booking your accommodation I suggest you compare prices with Expedia,, Airbnb and directly with the accommodation via their website to find the cheapest rate.

– I will not be held liable for any issues with visas, accommodation, transport, attractions, or any other aspect of the itinerary.

– When I complete your itinerary or review, I’m happy to answer any final questions via email. If you require further consultation or changes to your itinerary, I will provide you with a quote for the additional time.