The Great Scotland Quiz

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Welcome to the Great Scotland Quiz! In this quiz there are 6 rounds with a total of 30 questions. Each round has a different category- the categories are: general knowledge, castles in Scotland, Scotland’s people, Scottish mountains and islands, Scotland’s water and food and drink. 

The answers are at the bottom of the quiz. The average score for this quiz is 14. Can you beat it?

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General knowledge

1. What is the capital of Scotland? 

2. How many cities are there in Scotland? 

3. What is Scotland’s National animal? 

4. Where in Scotland would you find the world’s oldest golf course?

5. What year was the Battle of Culloden?

Castles in Scotland

6. Which castle is said to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula? 

7. What is the name of the oldest castle in Scotland? 

8. Which castle is the Stone of Destiny on display in? 

9. What area/region in Scotland would you find The Castle Trail? 

10. Where in Scotland would you find the ruins of Dunscaith Castle? 

Scotland’s people

11. Where is comedian Billy Connolly from?

12. Where is Robert the Bruce’s heart buried? 

13. Where was Mary Queen of Scots born? 

14. What was the name of the rock band Scottish singer Shirley Manson was the lead singer of? 

15. Who was the first king of Scotland? 

Scottish mountains and islands

16. What island is known as ‘Scotland in miniature’?  

17. A ‘Munro’ is the name for a Scottish mountain above which height? 

18. What is the largest island in Scotland? 

19. On which Scottish island did George Orwell write his novel ‘1984’? 

20. What is the tallest mountain in Scotland? 

Scotland’s water

21. What is Scotland’s deepest loch? 

22. What is Scotland’s largest loch [by surface area?] 

23. What is the longest river in Scotland? 

24. What is the name of the canal that runs from Falkirk to Edinburgh? 

25. On which waterway would you find ‘Neptunes Staircase’? 

Food and drink

26. What is haggis wrapped in? 

27. Scottish law dictates that Scotch Whisky must be matured for a minimum of how many years in Scotland to earn the name? 

28. What are neeps and tatties? 

29. What is Scotland’s oldest whisky distillery? 

30. Where in Scotland would you find the Talisker whisky distillery?


1. Edinburgh
2. 7
3. The unicorn
4. St Andrews
5. 1746
6. Slains Castle
7. Castle Sween
8. Edinburgh Castle
9. Aberdeenshire
10. Isle of Skye
11. Glasgow
12. Melrose Abbey
13. Linlithgow Palace
14. Garbage
15. Kenneth I MacAlpin
16. Isle of Arran
17. 3000 ft / 914.4 metres
18. Lewis and Harris
19. Jura
20. Ben Nevis
21. Loch Morar
22. Loch Lomond
23. River Tay
24. The Union Canal
25. Caledonian Canal
26. Sheeps stomach
27. 3 years
28. Turnips and potatoes
29. Strathisla Distillery
30. Isle of Skye


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