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Where to Eat Traditional Polish Food in Gdansk

Where to Eat Traditional Polish Food in Gdansk


It has always been a dream of mine to visit a country with the primary goal of eating at as many traditional restaurants as possible. My dream came true when I went on a solo trip to Gdansk.

I had one goal in mind: to eat at a different restaurant for every single meal. I also made it my goal to investigate the bars and nightclubs in the city- so after dinner I went to three different bars in Gdansk.

I explored a variety of bars and restaurants in Gdansk- places that cooked traditional Polish food, vegan restaurants, bakeries and cafes.

In this mini food guide to Gdansk, I’ve chosen the best options for anyone planning to eat out in this beautiful city. So read on, and discover the outstanding places to eat in Gdansk!

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Lookier cafe Gdansk

What is the cost of eating out in Gdansk?

The cost of eating out in Gdansk is one of the best things about this city- it’s incredibly cheap! My cheapest meal was 10 zł  and the most I paid for a meal was 65 zł . I ate out at some very nice restaurants, and I didn’t once worry about how much I was spending on dinner. I worked out that meals in Gdansk cost around half of what you’d pay for in the UK!

Here is a breakdown of the cost of eating out in Gdansk:

Breakfast: 8-38 zł

Lunch: 20-75 zł

Dinner: 25-60 zł

Alcoholic beverages: 10-20 zł

Traditional Polish Food Gdansk: 14 Places to eat in Gdansk

Best Coffee in Gdansk: Drukarnia

Drukarnia Cafe is well-known for having some of the best coffee in Gdansk! They also make smoothies (which is what I indulged in for breakfast one morning) and have cakes and sandwiches. Pretty lights line the staircase, which leads to a comfy loft. Drukarnia is also vegan friendly and has a lot of tasty options. Once you’ve had your fill for the morning, head outside and shop for some amber (also called ‘Baltic gold’) jewellery.

traditional polish food gdansk drukarnia

Best Donuts [pączek] in Gdansk: Stara Pączkarnia 

Every time I walked past this donut shop there was a long line- so that is telling! The donuts here are so delicious I actually visited this donut shop three times. Rose is the most traditional Polish flavour, but I also recommend trying snickers and bueno.

These donuts are super cheap too- three donuts cost m only 10.50 zł!

Doughnuts in Gdansk, Poland

Best Pierogi in Gdansk: Pierogarnia Mandu

If you try one traditional Polish dish in Gdansk it should be pierogi, aka Polish dumplings! Pierogarnia Mandu is known for having the best pierogi in Gdansk, and has two restaurants: Pierogarnia Mandu and Pierogarnia Mandu Centrum.

For a starter, try some traditional Polish soup- Żurek. For your main, I recommend the Goose pierogi with Cranberry sauce, or the more traditional Polish pierogi with cheese. Wash down your pierogi with Grzane Wino (Mulled Wine) or piwo (beer).

The best pierogi in Gdansk is at Mandu

Second Best Pierogi in Gdansk: Jadalnia Pod Zielonym Smokiem [SMOK]

SMOK also has delicious pierogi- I recommend ordering Dumplings ‘’Pielmieni’’– a beef dish. SMOK is also licensed, and I enjoyed a lovely Grzane Wino with my meal.

Pierogis at Smok, Gdansk

Best Place for Breakfast in Gdansk: Lookier Cafe

The Lookier Cafe on Dluga Street has an adorable interior and is known for its tasty pancakes with jam and icing sugar!

The hot chocolate I had to accompany my breakfast was incredible- I have to say that it is probably the nicest hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted!

The Lookier Cafe also has many other European options, and serve soups, salads, sandwiches and pasta for lunch. Their bread is also cooked from a traditional recipe from 1922!

Lookier cafe pancakes, Gdansk, Poland

Best Place for Lunch and Dinner in Gdansk: Mono Kitchen

Another travel blogger recommended Mono to me- and it was actually the first restaurant I ate at. I treated myself to a strawberry daiquiri to celebrate my arrival in Poland- and it was delicious (and also served in quite a large glass!).

Mono is one of the more pricey restaurants, but the food is superb. I had the pear and walnut pizza and finished the entire thing myself!

This was probably one of my favourite meals, and Mono is great for either lunch or dinner. Just make sure you go!

traditional polish food gdansk

Best Bakery in Gdansk: Pellowski 

Pellowski is a chain bakery and chocolatery in Gdansk. Inside there are elegant counter displays of decadent cakes, biscuits and pastries.

Ty the Nutella crepes and grab a hot chocolate to take away while you wander Dluga Street.

traditional polish food gdansk Pellowski

traditional polish food gdansk Pellowski

Vegetarian and Vegan Gdansk – The Best Options:

There are plenty of options if you’re vegetarian or vegan and visiting Gdansk. Here are some of my favourites:

Avocado Vegan Bistro is probably the most popular hangout for vegans in Gdansk. They have a selection of traditional polish food that has been given a vegan makeover. I recommend having the vegan burger with a bowl of delicious soup. They also have a range of sweet treats to satisfy!

For vegans on a budget, Feed My Soul Bistro has great lunch specials for only 18 zł.

Mono, as mentioned previous, has some fantastic vegan options, as does Pierogarnia Mandu.

traditional polish food gdansk

Best Bars Gdansk: Mini Guide

Sopot is known as the area to go for bars and clubbing, however that’s not to say Gdansk is lacking in this area. There are an assortment of places to quench your thirst. Here are some of the best bars in Gdansk.

Gdansk Old Town bars

Browar Piwna is a microbrewery located centrally on Piwna Street. They serve three types of beer: wheat, pils (a classical lager) and a seasonal beer.

Klub Parlament is the hottest club in Gdansk. With three floors to explore, there is something for everyone!

Café Absinthe is the bohemian hangout in Gdansk; deceptively quiet during the day, Cafe Absinthe turns into an all-night party in the evening!

Situated in a trendy basement, Flisak 76 is the go-to bar for experimental cocktails.

Best Gdansk bars


Where is your favourite place to eat and drink in Gdansk?



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