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Living in a Van in Canada 

During the summer of 2017, I spent several months living in a van in Canada.

Vanlife was a path I landed on unexpectedly. I was travelling and living abroad in Canada and my money wasn’t going very far. Rent and the costs associated with living in a house in the Canada were so expensive the only way I could afford to have a life of fun and freedom was by cutting costs. Rent was a huge expense, and when I learned how many travellers were trying vanlife to save money and see the world, I purchased Betty, my  1994 Ford e150.

I spend 8 months living in Betty; I held down a full-time job for a while, and then I became a digital nomad when I started my freelance business. It was vanlife that enabled me to take the plunge and start my freelance business due to my low living costs, plus I could work from anywhere as long as I had an internet connection!

Some nights I would park up in a car park and use the free Wi-Fi available from the surrounding restaurants!

I travelled around the Canadian Rockies in my free time- not a terrible place to call your backyard!

I learned a lot about minimalistic living while living in my van. You can read about my thoughts and experiences in my van life blog below!

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Who is Wayfaring Kiwi?

Kia ora, I'm Yvette and I'm a 30-year old Kiwi (slang for New Zealander).

I am an outdoor adventure travel blogger, and I have been lucky enough to live in the three most beautiful countries in the world: New Zealand, Canada, and now, Scotland.

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